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Counterfeit Scottish notes and note exchange scam

On Tuesday 2nd May 2023 at approximately 10:30 pm a male suspect entered a public house in Honiton and ordered a drink at the bar. The suspect simply requested to pay for his drink with a £50 note. During this time , the suspect managed to confuse a member of staff by requesting an exchange of 2 x £50 Scottish notes for notes of differing denomination amounting to £200 pounds worth of English notes. This resulted in the loss of £200 pounds as the notes are counterfeit . 

Devon and Cornwall Police would like to warn all shops, public houses, garden centres and basically all retailers to be wary of Scottish £50 notes and especially any person trying to purchase a small item with a £50 note be it Scottish or English. Most supermarkets refuse to exchange notes for lower denominations as the point is to confuse staff members who are more than likely busy . Please follow their example and do not allow yourself or your staff to become a victim . 

Please contact D&C Police via our website or email dc.police.uk/reportcrime 

with any incidents that your business is victim to.


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