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Update from Sector Inspector

Hello everyone

As many of you have observed recently we have increasingly posted on social media about the work of the officers and staff from Bodmin and Wadebridge Police.

There has been some impression that we are doing something different and that this is new, the truth is most of what you are reading about has always happened, we have just not been very good at telling you about it.

There has, however , been one big change recently and that is our presence in the town centres, increasing the mobile and foot patrols in all areas.

This was predominantly as a result of concerns raised at the end of last year by retailers, the chamber of commerce and local councillors. There was seen to be an increase in shoplifting and ASB within the towns and quite rightly we were challenged about our response to this.

Dealing with issues such as these required everyone to work together to find the solutions, there has been a big effort by everyone to tackle the issues, and we have seen some really positive differences.

A shoplifter arrested recently made a comment that it was ‘suicide to go into town’ as we were ‘all over it’! This is just what we want to hear and is a credit to everyone involved, in particular the retailers who are working hard in challenging times.

I would also like to reassure everyone we are aware that some people are finding life very challenging, some commit crime because they see no choice, through financial pressures or maybe addictions.

In every case we will deal with those in need sympathetically, we will work with partners and other agencies to offer support and help. Sadly there are some who will continue to adopt a criminal lifestyle and we will continue to devote all our efforts to lock these people up so they cannot commit crime and prey on our communities.

I would like to thank all those who provide positive comments on the posts and in person. The Police have come under intense spotlight in recent years, we have made mistakes, and we have seen Police officers responsible for some terrible crimes elsewhere in the country. This impacts all of us and impacts our morale, your comments make the team feel valued and enthuse them to deliver more for you.

We will continue to listen to you, your concerns and worries, and we will continue to post about the work done by our teams from Bodmin and Wadebridge Police.

Bodmin and Wadebridge, and the surrounding villages and areas are very safe, wonderful places to live and work, it has been the highlight of my career to be the Inspector in charge of the areas Police.

I am incredibly proud of the team I have the privilege of leading at Bodmin and Wadebridge, they are all incredibly passionate about delivering an outstanding Police service for you and I hope you are proud of them too.

Regie Butler-Card

Sector Inspector

Bodmin and Wadebridge Police.

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