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Sceptre a week of engagement around knife crime.

This week the Local Neighbourhood Teams are engaging with our communities as park of Sceptre, which is a national campaign around knife crime.

As part of this week some Police stations have Knife Bins where members of the public are about to surrender any knife or bladed weapon, no questions asked. The following link will take you to the web pages that identify which Police stations you can attend


We are very aware that sometimes people have knives or bladed items at home that they may have inherited or found when cleaning out a relatives house. It is also likely some people will have items that may have been legal when the bought them, but are now illegal and may be wondering how to dispose of them. This is certainly an opportunity anyone  to get them disposed of safely no questions asked..

Knife crime is very low in our area, but If you are worried about anyone carrying a knife or knife crime generally please dc.police.uk/tua




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